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Medical Transcription: Our Business

Medical transcription is the process of converting recorded dictations by physicians and other healthcare professionals of a patient's medical record into a written text. It follows established document formats and is highly dependent upon trained professionals, known as medical transcriptionists.

Knowledge: Power

In Assurecode, all our medical transcriptionist have degrees in medical and allied health courses. They receive additional training to become proficient medical language specialists who can interpret and transcribe dictation by physicians who document patient care. They gain extensive knowledge of medical terminology, pharmacology, human diseases, diagnostic studies, surgical procedures, and laboratory procedures. In addition to word processing skill and knowledge of voice processing equipment, they must master English grammar, spelling, and proofreading.

Perfection: A Passion

To ensure the highest level of transcription accuracy, the transcribed records pass a second review by a proofreader, a third review by an editor, and a fourth review by a Quality Assurance (QA) specialist.

Service: A Commitment

Each client is unique and we tailor fit our services to your individual needs. We commit to deliver at the specified turnaround time with an accuracy of 98% or better, and provide you with reliable and friendly customer support.

Information: Secure

We are HIPAA compliant and privacy of patient information is paramount and fully guaranteed.



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